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Meet the Package Owners: Simo

Posted by Craig H on 19 October 2009

Next up is Simo Järvinen, owner of the DRM package:

Simo Järvinen

Q: How long have you been working with Symbian code? What did you do before that?

I started to work with Symbian code in December 2000 when I joined the Nokia 7650 phone program, which became the basis for S60. Before that I was working on GEOS-based communicator programs in Nokia.

Q: What packages do you work on, and what are they used for?

I work on the DRM package which provides technical means for copyright holders to control the distribution and consumption of their copyright content.

Q: Are there any projects you would encourage newcomers to get involved in?

All kinds of involvement are really appreciated, it doesn’t necessarily need to be code contribution; writing guides and instructions and evaluating APIs, etc. is also very welcome.

For code contributions there are a couple of items in the package backlog which aren’t being worked on yet: Ignoring WAP Push while roaming and Ringtone usage based on rights (meaning OMA DRM v2.1 system constraint support).

Contributions for other OMA DRM v2.1 features are also welcome as well as contributions for missing OMA DRM v2.0 optional features, for example for PDCF support or OMA DRM v2 preview (both preview rights and embedded preview)

Q: What would you say is the biggest challenge for mobile device security?

In my opinion it is combining security and usability: how to make devices secure and have a good user experience at the same time. That also includes guiding the user in the right direction when he/she has to make security-related decisions while using the device.

Q: Which is your favourite Symbian-powered device?

At the moment it is the Nokia N97. In general I like devices which have a big display and qwerty keyboard.

Q: When you’re not working on Symbian code, what do you like to do for fun?

Lately I have been more and more interested in photography so that takes most of my free time nowadays! You can see some of my photos on Flickr.

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