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Who We Are

Craig Heath     Louise Heath

What We Do

Craig has over 25 years experience in the field of information security, in consumer, business, government and defence sectors. He has worked at all levels of product creation, from strategy through requirements management, architecture and design, down to low-level implementation.

Craig brings a broad perspective of the context in which security technologies are deployed, considering economic and social factors to ensure that security measures are effective as well as correctly implemented. He is also an accomplished communicator, able to brief executives at board level, to present or review technical designs, and to explain security to users.

Louise is a professional business / data analyst with over 15 years experience in information systems, specialising in Business Intelligence (BI). She has experience in many business areas, including financial services, utilities, regulation, manufacturing, technology and construction, and experience with several specialist BI software packages, including Cognos, Business Objects and Brio.

Louise interprets business requirements to create systems providing usable and relevant intelligence, empowering users with the information that they need to make critical business decisions as, when and how they need it.