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Security Strategy Working Group

Posted by Craig H on 15 October 2009

We are forming a working group to decide what the Symbian community’s strategy should be in dealing with security issues on the Symbian Platform. This is an example of Symbian’s commitment to open governance, and membership of this working group is open to any Symbian Foundation member.

There are some interesting challenges, both in the operation of this working group and in the operation of whatever processes the working group decides should be put in place, arising from the tension between the desire for openness in our dealings with the community and the harm that could be caused by disclosing security vulnerabilities to the world before a fix or workaround is available.

Full details of the remit of the working group are on the Symbian Developer wiki. We already have several working group members signed up, and if you are a Symbian Foundation member and would like to participate, please go ahead and join in!

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