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Raspberry Pi Fishcam – The Secure Version

Posted by Craig H on 16 August 2013

Having proved the concept using netcat, we need to add access control and make it accessible via a discoverable external address. The design is essentially the same, running the video capture command on the Pi and routing the output stream over IP to a remote client, but we use ssh (Secure SHell) as the transport to add authentication and encryption.

The first thing to do before exposing your Pi to the outside world is: change the default password! With Raspbian, the default admin user name and password is “pi” and “raspberry”. You should change the password to something that’s not based on a name or word that could be found in a cracking dictionary; best would be a randomly generated password that you write down and keep with you, or you can use initial letters of words in a sentence you can remember but others can’t guess. For extra security you could change the name of the admin account too.
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Raspberry Pi Fishcam

Posted by Craig H on 16 July 2013

I had security concerns over installing a wireless webcam to keep an eye on our goldfish. Such things are available cheaply off the shelf, typically manufactured in China, but I’m not willing to put a device of questionable provenance on our Intranet, especially not with a direct channel out to a server in China.

I started thinking about using a Raspberry Pi and Skype as an alternative solution. As (most of) the software would be open source, that way I would only have to trust Microsoft and the NSA not to interfere with the Skype server ;-).

My Raspberry Pi camera module didn’t arrive until this week (the first production run sold out almost immediately back in May) and, unfortunately for the plan, Microsoft have turned off the ability to register a Skype developer account in the meantime :-(. Read the rest of this entry »

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