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Ideal Christmas Present* – Personalised Enigma Logo Mugs!

Posted by Craig H on 3 November 2015

Today we’ve launched a new web site,, and an associated CafePress store. The idea is that you enter your name, or whatever other word(s) you might like on a mug, it creates a design in the style of the Enigma machine logo and you can then (if you like it!) buy a mug with that design from CafePress. We have other designs also in the store: Enigma machine pluboards, with or without the plugs and cables, which we think look pretty good wrapped around a mug.
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Imagine, 6 Tons of Punched Cards Every Week!

Posted by Craig H on 2 May 2015

An often neglected, but crucial, part of Bletchley Park’s work in World War II was the vast amount of data processing done using punched cards on Hollerith machines.  The department which did this was called the “Freebornery”, at first located in Hut 7 (since demolished) and later in Block C (recently restored as the new visitor centre).

There has been very little detail published on the day-to-day operations of the Freebornery, so I recently visited the National Archives and made a copy of a typewritten document they hold: “The Use of Hollerith Punched Card Equipment in Bletchley Park”.  With their kind permission, we are now publishing the text on our wiki for the benefit of researchers and other interested readers.
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