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Platform Security Book Now Online

Posted by Craig H on 19 December 2010

I was the lead author for the book Symbian OS Platform Security published in 2006, at the time that the first Symbian OS v9 phones with platform security came out. The Symbian Foundation put a wiki version of the book online earlier this year, so that the content would be freely available to the community and people could contribute corrections and additions. The foundation wiki closed last week, but Wiley has kindly agreed to us hosting the book wiki here to keep the resource available. Our MediaWiki is now up and running, and the book wiki is available there.

I’ve been thinking for some time that we co-authors of the book should put together an article covering the lessons learned from nearly 5 years of the Symbian platform security architecture in the field; there are certainly some things that, in hindsight, I would choose to do differently. Maybe we can use this wiki to make that a living document!

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